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Co-employer services, also known as professional employer organization (PEO) services, provide businesses with comprehensive HR solutions. The best types of co-employer services often depend on a company's specific needs and objectives.

HR Administration and Compliance, Pro Co-Employer

HR Administration and Compliance

PEOs can handle various HR administrative tasks, including payroll processing, benefits administration, tax compliance, and workers' compensation management.

Employee Benefits Management, Pro Co-Employer

Employee Benefits Management

Co-employers can provide access to a wide range of employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. These services often allow small.

Risk Management, Pro Co-Employer

Risk Management & Workers Compensation

EOs assist in managing risks related to employee issues, including workers' compensation claims and safety programs. They help businesses establish safety protocols.

What are the Key Benefits of Co-Employer Relationship?

Entering a co-employer relationship has several benefits, especially for SMBs. In addition to alleviating certain responsibilities, you’ll also provide your workforce with multiple benefits that can help improve retention rates and overall employee satisfaction.

Simplified Payroll Processing

Simplified Payroll Processing

One of the biggest benefits of co-employment is how it affects payroll processing. Typically, in this type of relationship the PEO would assume the primary responsibility for processing payroll, reporting wages and dealing with payroll taxes.

Company Benefits

Access to Big-Company Benefits

Part of running a business means providing your employees with access to a range of benefits. While traditionally, this includes health insurance and options for retirement planning, SMBs may not have access to the same caliber of benefits as larger companies do.

HR Compliance Expertise

HR Compliance Expertise

One of the most difficult things that small business owners need to navigate is staying compliant with employment requirements. While there is no such thing as human resource law, trying to navigate the various local, state and federal employment laws.

Empowering Your Workforce With Co-Employer Service Excellence

Co Employer Excellence
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Why Choose Us as a Pro Co-Employer Service Provider


Expertise and Experience

Our team brings years of experience and deep expertise in HR management, compliance, and co-employment matters. We understand the complexities of HR and can navigate them effectively on your behalf.


Customized Solutions

We recognize that every business is unique. And We tailor our co-employer services to meet your specific needs and objectives, ensuring that you receive the right level of support and resources. We offer access to comprehensive.


Compliance Assurance

Staying compliant with ever-changing HR and employment laws can be challenging. We have a strong track record of helping clients maintain compliance, reducing legal risks and penalties.

Simplify HR Complexity with Our Co-Employer Expertise

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