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Automated payroll refers to the use of technology and software to streamline and manage the process of paying employees in an organization. This automation can significantly reduce the manual effort, minimize errors, and ensure that payroll tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

Our Third-Party Payroll Services Can Add Value To Your Company

Benefits Administration

Administering employee benefits accurately and efficiently helps you to attract and retain top talent.


Compliance Consulting

Stay compliant with payroll laws, reducing costly mistakes, through expert consulting.


Cost Analysis and Reporting

Analyzing labor costs to deliver insightful cost management solutions.


Payroll Data Security

Protecting payroll data with top-tier security measures for complete confidentiality.


Employee Self-Service

Enhance employee experience, save HR time with self-service options in payroll.


Multi-State Payroll

Efficiently handle multi-state payroll, ensuring compliance and accuracy for businesses.

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Accurate Payroll Processing

1.  On-time and accurate paycheck delivery

2. Compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations

3. Comprehensive and detailed payroll reports

4. Secure and confidential data handling


Comprehensive Tax Services

1.  Withholding and filing of all employee and employer taxes

2. Preparation and filing of payroll tax returns

3. Representation in the event of a tax audit

4. Advice on tax planning and optimization


Personalized customer service

1. Dedicated team of payroll experts

2. Responsive and timely support

3. Customized solutions to meet your specific needs

4. Commitment to your satisfaction


Our Extensive Range Of Third-Party Payroll Services

Run payroll as many times as you need to each month — we don’t charge extra. Your team gets paid in just a few clicks. And you can even set it on AutoPilot.

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