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Tax compliance is complex and manual in Bangladesh is difficult to understand and costly to manage for most businesses. Our team of experts take on full tax compliance responsibilities allowing clients to focus on core business.

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Streamlined Payroll Processing

1. Automate payroll calculations, including regular wages and commissions.

2. Accurately calculate & withhold federal as well as any voluntary deductions

3. Generate and distribute paychecks or direct deposit payments on time.

4. Maintain detailed payroll records for compliance purposes.


Comprehensive Tax Compliance

1. Assist with tax audits and inquiries.

2. Handle tax payments and withholdings.

3. Stay up-to-date on ever-changing tax laws and regulations.

4. Ensure timely and accurate tax filings for all applicable  jurisdictions.


Compliance with Employment Laws

1. Generate reports on employee compliance issues.

2. Laws regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, breaks, and recordkeeping.

3. Assist with compliance with employment eligibility verification requirements.

4. Implement robust data security measures to protect sensitive employee information.

Establishing Simple Payroll Package Solution

Payroll Method

Manual payroll involves calculating salaries, taxes, and deductions yourself.

Tax Calculations

Employee based on their federal & local tax rates, as well as any voluntary deductions.

Payroll Processing

Develop clear and concise procedures for processing payroll each pay period.

Payroll Records

Provide for those you depend on with affordable retirement plan options.

Tax Compliance

Timely and accurate tax filings are crucial to avoid penalties and legal issues.

Payroll Inquiries

Employee inquiries can help maintain a positive work environment.

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