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We offer payroll outsourcing services all-in-1 HR Bangladesh platform. HR Outsources solutions are what we provide to streamline HR processes.A PEO that can be outsourced, including payroll, benefits administration, and employee time monitoring, was developed by HR to simplify the process.


HR Recruitment

With experts, we connect businesses to a pool of talent to their needs. Elevate your hiring process, secure top-tier talent, and drive organizational success with our proven recruitment strategies.


HR Outsources

Transform your HR operations with our dynamic HR Outsources Services! Cut costs, and use the expertise of professionals.HR task from payroll to talent management is handled with precision.


Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is a crucial component of human resources and financial management for organizations of all sizes. It involves the calculation and distribution of employee compensation.


Human Cap. management

Boost your organisation with our Human Capital Management Services. From talent acquisition to employee development. our complete suite of solutions for every facet of your human capital.

HR Services

We Maintain All Kinds Of HR Services

Our HR solutions are as global as your vision. Our HR Outsources is expertly designed for foreign companies, offering adaptable and stimulating services that invigorate growth.

1. Global Expertise: Our solutions are backed by international knowledge, ensuring best practices from around the world are at your fingertips.
2. Local Adaptability: While we think globally, we act locally, ensuring compliance with regional regulations and understanding local culture.

3. Talent Management: Access to global talent pools and strategies to attract, retain, and develop the best.


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HR outsources Service Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies for HR Outsources service providers can vary depending on the specific services offered, market demand, and competitive landscape. Here are some common pricing strategies used by Our HR service providers:

Payroll Processing

BDT 15000/- Month
  • BDT 10,000/- per employee for per month (Standard )
  • BDT 15,000/- per employee for per month (Plus)
  • BDT 20,000/- per employee per month (Premium)
  • Better Payroll Management
  • Year-End Processing

Employee Administration

BDT 20000/- Month
  • BDT 1500/- per employee for per month (Standard )
  • BDT 20,000/- per employee for per month (Plus)
  • BDT 25,000/- per employee per month (Premium)
  • Full tax filing and compliance support
  • Employee self-service portal

HR & Support

BDT 33000/- Month
  • BDT 28,000/- per employee for per month ( Basic Plan)
  • BDT 33,000/- per employee for per month (Premium)
  • BDT 40,000/- per employee per month (Premium))
  • Multi-channel support options
  • 24/7 email support

Globalize HR Outsources Service, Boost Your Success.

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