Remote Virtual Staffing Solution

HRPO helps to adjust your recruitment strategy to hiring remote workers / employee as offshore virtual staff .
We'll edit or write your job ad from scratch, we'll review resumes, screen, interview and test candidates for your for free. We'll keep this service free, no matter how many people you want to hire. We have experts with experience in all sectors and industry. We are also considered as the elite Human Resource Consulting Company that you can trust. No matter from which industry you belong to, we can offer you with the elite staff that will perfectly fit with your requirements.In connection with this, we can also provide our respected clients with both contractual and temporary staff to your companies. With the help and existence of our candidate database and professional team of recruiters, we will guarantee our valued clients with the best personnel that are equipped with exceptional experience and knowledge.

With HRPO Recruiting, the leader in professional telecommuting opportunities. HRPO Recruiting offers telecommuting-only job leads for job seekers around the globe. This means every flex-time, part-time, or freelance job on our site must also come with the option to telecommute. We don't throw job sharing, onsite, or other variation of flexible work into the mix. In connection with this, Payroll Bangladesh will also provide you with front end staff, admin staff, accounting staff and permanent back end staff to organizations in need. We also make sure that our selection procedure will meet and go beyond the needs and interests of our valued clients. Our short and long term contract staffing options will ensure you that you can completely focus on your core business functions while we provide you with the best people that will meet and exceed with the needs of your organization and company.

As the elite staffing company in Bangladesh, we will offer you with different staffing solutions that you are looking for. In line with this, our staffing solutions are cost effective, efficient and flexible. Moreover, we can also take care of your visa formalities and sponsorship and this is one of the reasons why we are considered as the elite staffing company in Bangladesh. With our help and expertise, you can be sure that you will get the elite staff that will suit with the needs and requirements of your organization and company.

Your Offshore Organisation in Bangladesh

HRPO will recruit and house the employees but of course you can decide on their daily tasks and how these will be done. Here's a diagram that covers the services and other resources. In terms with our prices, you do not need to worry since we will offer you with affordable rates and prices that will suit with your budget. For those people who are looking for the best provider of staffing solution services, you don't need to look any further since HRPO is the perfect choice that you should take into account. Remote staffing is beneficial for those small to midsized IT businesses who have lesser no. of resources but big-time targets. We provide you an affordable source of experienced programmers and allow you the flexibility of filling vacancies in your staff at your convenience and as per your requirements. Hire one or a team of remote employees. HRPO acts as an overseas subsidiary of your company. There is no minimum requirement; your company can hire one remote employee on part-time leasing basis or a team of 10 programmers on full-time leasing basis.