Employee Background Check

Employment Background verification checklist

Background checking is the process of authenticating the information supplied to a potential employer by a job applicant in his or her resume, application, and interviews. In most application processes, lying about background and credentials will keep the employer from hiring the applicant.
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Employment Background Checks Designed Specifically for SME Businesses

Employment background checks are an essential step for organizations to take when considering prospective candidates for positions. In many cases, human resources managers conduct these checks of various areas of a job candidates professional and personal lives in order to make a determination on which candidate will be best suited for employment.

Verification confirms:
  • Job start and end dates
  • Titles held
  • Salary
  • Job duties
  • The reason for termination (in some states) and rehire eligibility

What you need to know

We have to improve your employment eligibility verification compliance processes and program with the new era. HRPO offers an easy employment background check service that allows you to conduct background investigations through a convenient yearly subscription and additional options without the hassle of on-site inspections.

Many additional searches are also available such as*:

  • County Criminal and civil records
  • Driving records
  • Credit history
  • Education and past employment
  • Professional licenses
  • Reference checks
  • Bankruptcy and workers' compensation records
  • Military service records

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Looking into a candidate’s past work history can reveal insight into their job stability and loyalty to an employer.

At the very start of the process for performing background checks on applicants, a human resource specialist or manager will often begin with the verification of information. A thorough check of an applicant’s background can help make determinations for the accuracy of everything listed on a resume. For jobs requiring a specific level of education, verifying a high school diploma, GED, or college-level degree or certificate is often the first step in the review of information included on an application or resume.

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