Move towards multiple sourcing locations

Outsourcing the Bangladesh way
April 17, 2017

With the rise in attractive offshore locations, a new paradigm is emerging in which large buyers are assessing several attractive locations. A single destination may not offer all the advantages. Hence, companies are strategically evaluating the outsourcing options and combining the complementary strengths of several locations resulting in a more robust and flexible services delivery model. Strategic decisions on choosing the right mix of outsourcing destinations require a complex series of evaluations and trade-offs. These decisions are based on a host of criteria which include overall business environment, cost and quality of services, government support and initiatives, data and intellectual property security and privacy legislation. The advent of clout computing as a delivery model has further strengthened this by reducing the cost of incremental infrastructure required at every location.

Today, Bangladesh is quietly evolving from being a beginner to a serious contender in the global outsourcing market. Bangladesh’s outsourcing industry has been shaped by different factors to those of India and Philippines. Its growth has been founded on the domestic market as well as overseas markets accessed by its Diasporas – the Non-resident Bangladeshis.