• Accounting Services

    We at HrPo Accounting services in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh brings you a feasible solution to all these problems. We are a team of chartered accountants, cost management accountants and Barristers, which is ready for maintaining your accounts, preparing your returns (income tax return, VAT return etc.), advising on different aspects of your business at an affordable cost.

  • Payroll Services in Bangladesh

    While running a company or business, there are mainly two options available to pay the employees either it can be done independently or through appointing a payroll service. Where the employer has not adequate knowledge of accounting particularly on payroll, then hiring a payroll service is likely the finest choice.

  • Employee Background Checks

    In hiring, as in nature, appearances are often deceiving, and a great resume does not guarantee a great employee. Our customized employment background checks are fast, accurate, and affordable. Our background investigations use the most accurate information sources and technology, so hiring the best employees is easy and worry-free.

  • State-of-the-Art HR Solutions

    We offer extensive experience on the operation of the entire payroll outsourcing services and a reputation delivering accurate cheaper web-based payroll offerings. For some enterprises, all of our payroll expert services give a reasonable plus priceless solution to in-house producing.

  • Manpower Solutions

    Manpower is one of the key features that will make your company achieve success. Its importance outweighs the function of technology that you presently use now. So, since manpower can be your best tool for your organization or your business to be at par with other businesses in the industry,

Manpower Recruitment Service

The trade and industry is composed of different businesses dealing with different products and services. So, since there are varied kinds of organizations in the business industry, it is just, but right to think that there are also different manpower requirements.

With Payroll Bangladesh, you can make sure that your employees are healthy and safe from any illness. We make sure that the employees we recruit are those that undergo the needed extensive medical checkup that will illustrate they are in good health. Other consulting operations that makes us stand out includes, but not limited to, appraisal systems development, payroll, HR & Management Operational Manual and benefits administration as well as conducting Management Training, and providing Management Consulting.

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Offshore Staffing Supply

Payroll Bangladesh provides the highest quality of supplies and recruits of personnel for a range of disciplines. We can provide personnel and supply in all types of sectors while specializing in offshore staffing services.

We are best recognized as a provider of HR Consultancy and recruitment solutions for technical and professional roles in Bangladesh. However, we have had extensive experience of delivering high volume temporary solutions, together with on-site management support, for both skilled and non-skilled workers from Bangladesh.

Manpower Supply

HR Payroll Outsourcing Services Company

BangladeshHR Consultancy

Recruitment Process

Result Driven RPO

HrPO's recruitment platform and provides outsourcing and management of recruitment processes which result in improving recruitment efficiency and reducing recruitment cost drastically. HrPO has developed a range of processes and as per its cafeteria approach, the customer can pick-and-choose the processes it wishes to outsource, depending upon its needs.

We Understand That Every Business is Uniquel

The culture and environment is different in every business. Every business needs to be handled as an individual case with different needs to deal with. Once these needs are considered, only then should a customized staffing solution be made. The members of our team treat each client and their business as an individual case. Using our extensive experience, we help you in making the operations of your business more efficient and successful through our offshore outsourcing staffing solutions. The process we use in completing a project is efficient and our HR consultants can guarantee clients with optimized outcome afterward.